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400+ predesigned Kadence block templates built for affiliate bloggers that will turn your site into a selling machine without sacrificing performance.


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  • Affiliate & page building blocks for bloggers
  • Save hundreds of hours building pages that sell
  • Automatically uses your site’s colors and fonts
  • Built 100% with the free Kadence Blocks plugin

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Wondering what blocks are offered? See all of the categories below and a demo of each one!

Affiliate Collection


Show alerts to your visitors and call out important information.

Pros and Cons

List a product’s pros and cons to help your visitors make an informed decision.

Product Boxes

Beautifully display product boxes to highlight your recommended products.

Table of Contents

Give your blog posts a table of contents that your visitors & Google will love.


Add author info, affiliate boxes, or CTAs in the sidebar of your blog posts.


Choose from many button styles to use as CTAs for your posts or pages.

Call to Action

Greatly increase conversions with beautifully-designed CTAs.


Use forms to generate powerful lead magnets to build your email list.

Page Building Collection


Create mobile-friendly hero sections for all different types of landing pages.


Fill your landing pages with enticing content sections and boxes within seconds.

Feature Grid

Display various features in a gorgeous, easy-to-read grid with icons.


Feature your company’s team and social profiles in various designs.


Highlight customer testimonials so that visitors feel at ease when buying.

Pricing Tables

Display stunning two or three-tier pricing tables to showcase various plans.


List and answer all of your visitors’ Frequently Asked Questions.


Conclude your pages with important links, socials, and contact info.

Social Collection

Linktree Pages

Showcase your most important pages from a single link in your bio.

Social CTAs

Send visitors to your social pages with beautifully crafted social CTAs.

Social Proof

Build trust with potential buyers by displaying social proof and statistics.

More to Come

More Social Collection categories will be coming soon!

Coming Soon!

Full Pages Collection

Core Pages

Full-page templates for your core pages: Home, About, Contact, and Blog.

Blog Post Outlines

Entire blog post outlines to help you craft the perfect post that makes money.

Sales Funnels

Lead your visitors through a journey with sales funnels optimized to convert.

More to Come

More Full Page Collection categories will be coming soon!

Coming Soon!
Like this page? This entire page was built with Start Blogging Blocks!

Build an Affiliate Blog Quickly That Sells

Start Blogging Blocks is an entire solution to make you more money, save you time, and make your life easier.

Increase Commissions

Premium Gutenberg affiliate blocks allow you to create blog posts and pages that sell.

Extreme Performance

Pass Core Web Vitals with very fast Gutenberg blocks. No bloated third-party page builders needed.

Save Hundreds of Hours

Save yourself hundreds of hours by not needing to build these blocks from scratch.

Mobile-Friendly Design

All the blocks are built with the best design principles which means they’ll look great, even on mobile.

1-Click Imports

1-click imports allow you to bring in individual blocks, full sections, or entire pages instantly.

Access to New Blocks

As we add new blocks to our cloud, you’ll get instant access and be able to use them right away.

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize each block along with fonts and colors using Kadence Blocks functionality.

Uses Your Theme’s Colors

The blocks automatically take on your theme’s global colors and fonts to perfectly match your site.

Insiders Facebook Group

Join the SBB Insiders Facebook Group where you can vote on new blocks, get help, and more.

Start Blogging Blocks Write Affiliate Blog Posts That Sell

Increase Affiliate Commissions and Boost Your Site’s CTR

Start Blogging Blocks are completely conversion-focused, which means you’ll increase affiliate sales, product sales, and CTR (Click-Through Rate) on your pages and blog posts. Every blog post you write ends up being an asset that grows affiliate commissions over time.

Pass Core Web Vitals and Get a Google Ranking Boost

Start Blogging Blocks are built on top of Kadence Blocks which use the built-in WordPress editor. This means your site will be BLAZING fast and more easily pass Core Web Vitals, giving you a Google ranking boost. The higher your affiliate posts rank, the more money in your pocket!

Say goodbye to heavy third-party page builders!

Start Blogging Blocks Pass Google Core Web Vitals With Fast Performance
Start Blogging Blocks Build Pages With 1-Click Imports

Easily Add Blocks or Entire Sections to Your Pages With 1-Click

Individual blocks or entire sections can be instantly imported onto your blog posts or pages with 1 simple click. No more needing to mess with annoying reusable blocks in WordPress. Just click once and customize it to your liking!

Perfectly Match Your Site with the Global Color Palette

With previous wireframe solutions, you would have to import in a section and then individually go and change every element’s colors and fonts to match your site.

With Start Blogging Blocks, your global color palette and typography are automatically used so the blocks will perfectly match your branding and site without you needing to do a thing!

Start Blogging Blocks Uses Theme Global Color Palette
Start Blogging Blocks Mobile-Responsive Design

Mobile-First Design Saves You Hours. No More Tweaking Layouts

If you’ve used the WordPress block editor before, you know how difficult it can be to make your designs mobile-friendly. It can take HOURS.

With Start Blogging Blocks, we have fine-tuned and tweaked every block to be mobile-friendly and responsive on all screen sizes, saving you hours of work.

Recommended by WordPress Experts

See what blogging professionals are saying about Start Blogging Blocks…

The team at Start Blogging Blocks has done a phenomenal job of creating highly effective and creative wireframes that are easily customizable.

Built with Kadence Blocks, these blazingly fast templates make building a new site easier than ever before. I love how the blocks from Start Blogging Blocks inherit from my site’s design.

A couple of clicks and they make it look like I spent hours in design and development.

Kathy Zant

Director of Marketing / Kadence

We’ve been recommending Start Blogging Blocks [in Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Mastermind] for quite some time now. We’ve even seen ROI for our bloggers on their websites.

The SB Blocks team puts in a lot of time and effort to make the blocks look great, so they convert better.

If you’ve been looking for a tool that you can use to create product display boxes, callout boxes, alerts, and all that, I definitely recommend Start Blogging Blocks.

Eddy Ballesteros

Blogging Coach /

I’ve been using Start Blogging Blocks for almost a year now. The reason I started using them is because I had a couple of problems. The first is that it was taking me a lot of time to create things like tables of contents, FAQ sections, product boxes, and buttons for various purposes. On top of that, not only was it taking me a long time to create those, but they didn’t look that good. Aesthetically, it was not what they would call “pleasing.”

Then, I came across the Start Blogging Blocks templates. They boosted every single one of my articles as far as the way that they looked and the readability from a viewer’s standpoint. Once I started to implement these templates in my blog posts, my organic traffic from Google shot up seemingly out of the blue. It definitely made my articles much more readable, and I have to think that Google certainly appreciated the effort to make my articles visually better and easier to read.

If I was starting back over again knowing what I know now, and I had to think what tools are a no-brainer to be able to write good, structurally sound articles that look fantastic, Start Blogging Blocks would be #1 for me. I regret that I didn’t know about it sooner, but I’m glad I found it when I did. Once I saw the results from using the templates, there was no looking back. Just a gigantic fan of what Jake over at Start Blogging Blocks has done, and I continue to be impressed by the different templates being released for folks like us who are trying to blog their little hearts out.

Rob Wagener

Fitness Blogger /

$5,000+/Month Blogger

Before using Start Blogging Blocks, our blog wasn’t going very far. We weren’t getting a lot of commissions. I was still learning how to blog and I came across Start Blogging Blocks and started using it on our affiliate articles that were already doing OK… the articles were ranking at the end of page 1 on Google, maybe start of page 2. After using the blocks, it was quite amazing. We saw huge increases in our ratings and our articles started doing better on Google. We were doing other things as well, but the blogging blocks made the articles look a lot more professional and we were able to compete with the bigger sites a lot more easily because our site looked more professional.

We use Start Blogging Blocks mainly for product display boxes, pros and cons, or talking about what other customers have said about different products. It makes the blog look a lot cleaner, nicer, things are easier to read, and people are able to see the products a lot more easily.

It saves me time because I don’t need to create any of these blocks myself, which is fantastic. Jake is amazing and he’s always creating new blocks and I know that we’re going to keep using Start Blogging Blocks. We’re super, super happy with it. Thanks, Jake!

Christina C.

Business Owner

$20,000+/Month Blogger

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Think of block collections as “groups” of blocks. The Affiliate and Page Building block collections come with all plans, and you’ll have access to any blocks added to those collections.

The Plus, Unlimited, and Lifetime plans also include access to the Social, Full Pages, and Retro block collections and all future collections that we add.

The Lite plan only includes the Affiliate and Page Building block collections and does not include access to future collections.

When you purchase Start Blogging Blocks, you’ll receive your License Key to activate it and instructions on the 3 easy steps to get started.

It’s as simple as:

  • Install the Kadence Blocks plugin
  • Connect to our cloud with your License Key
  • Choose the template you want to import with one click

Easy peasy!

Yes, as long as you have an active subscription, you will get access to any new blocks we add to the cloud for the collections you have access to. The Plus, Unlimited, and Lifetime plans include access to all block collections plus future collections we release.

The Lite plan only includes the Affiliate and Page Building block collections and does not include access to future collections. With the Lite plan, you can access any new blocks added to the Affiliate and Page Building collections but not the others.

We provide priority technical support to all paid customers for any issues connecting to our cloud or importing our blocks. Please read our Support Scope page for more info.

Yes, we offer a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the blocks, kindly request a refund.

Absolutely not! Start Blogging Blocks are built on top of Kadence Blocks which use the built-in WordPress editor. This means your site will have much faster performance than using third-party page builders, making it even easier to pass Core Web Vitals and get a Google ranking boost.

No! You do not need Kadence Theme Pro or Kadence Blocks Pro. Start Blogging Blocks are built with the 100% free Kadence Blocks plugin, but the Kadence Bundles include the pro versions of the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks which offer significantly more features and customization options for your blocks.

Any templates you have imported on your site will continue to work and function, but you will no longer have access to new blocks, support, or block updates.

The connection to our cloud will be invalid, so you will no longer be able to import any previous designs you had added to your site before your membership expired.

Start Blogging Blocks Money-Back Guarantee

The “Start Blogging Blocks Rocks” Guarantee!

We stand by our blocks 100%. Over the next 14 days, if you aren’t convinced that these blocks are the best you’ve used and will significantly save you time while making you more money, then we will gladly refund your purchase. No questions asked!

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Jake Pfohl Founder, Start Blogging Blocks