One of the most common questions asked is, “Do you offer support for Start Blogging Blocks?

This article will help define the scope of our support, what is covered, and what is not.

Support is offered to Pro customers only.

We provide support for the following items:

  • Issues connecting to our cloud library
  • Issues importing blocks
  • Issues with templates not rendering correctly if using the Kadence Theme (for example, the style looks wrong)

We do not provide support for the following items:

  • Customization of blocks
  • Kadence Blocks functionality

Let’s go into more detail for each of these items:

Issues Connecting to Our Cloud Library Supported

If you have any issues connecting to our cloud library, there are a few things that could be happening:

  1. If you’re using the Wordfence security plugin on your website, you may want to put it into “Learning Mode” and then try connecting. While in Learning Mode, your site will recognize the connection as being safe and should work moving forward.
  2. If you receive an odd error when trying to connect to our library, please submit a support ticket with the following information so we can help diagnose the issue quicker:
    • The web hosting you’re using
    • Your server IP address
    • The URL you’re trying to put Start Blogging Blocks on

Customization of Blocks Not Supported

Each Start Blogging Blocks user needs a basic understanding of how to use Kadence Blocks.

We do not provide support for customizing the blocks. We recommend you familiarize yourself with how to use Kadence Blocks so you can customize any templates however you would like.

There are a ton of resources for learning how to use Kadence Blocks. Here are a few:

Functionality of Blocks Not Supported

To provide more clarity, Start Blogging Blocks are predesigned Kadence Blocks templates.

When you’re using Start Blogging Blocks, you import designs we created using Kadence Blocks.

All of the functionality provided comes straight from Kadence Blocks. This is a wonderful thing for users because Kadence Blocks provides a vast array of customization options for each block.

If you are having issues with the functionality of the blocks, we can’t fix it since all of the functionality is provided by the Kadence Blocks plugin.

Here are some examples of Kadence Blocks functionality that may be broken:

  • Copying styles from one block to another doesn’t work as expected
  • Clicking on a link in your Table of Contents doesn’t scroll to the correct heading on your page
  • Clicking on a button doesn’t do what you expect it to do

All of these situations deal with the functionality of Kadence Blocks. If you have issues with any of these, we recommend you reach out to Kadence Support:

We hope this article helps define the scope of our support. Thanks for reading!